Since today the website of the EU-WATERRES project "EU Integrated Transboundary Groundwater Resources and Anthropogenic Hazards Management System" is freely accessible! SE "UVK" takes part in this international project. The overall objective of the EU-WATERRES project is to develop tools for the coordinated management and integrated protection of transboundary groundwaters through a GIS platform. EU-WATERRES platform will be an integrated GIS modelling environment for the production of digital hydrogeological maps and modelling of quantity and quality of transboundary groundwater bodies. Two transboundary clusters representing two regions: Baltic and Eastern Europe will be created within the project. Scientific investigations of groundwater quality and quantity in border regions will be performed in two selected pilot regions: on Latvian-Estonian border and on Polish-Ukrainian border which is also the eastern border of the European Union. On the basis of these measurements groundwater flow dynamics models will be developed, which will allow to assess their susceptibility to pollution from both anthropogenic and geogenic sources at a later stage. Translated with (free version)