Experience. Our enterprise, the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company” (SE “UGC”) has many years of experience – almost a 100 – year history.

Full range of hydrogeological works:
– studying and mapping of hydrogeological, engineering-geological, ecological, and geological conditions, modern geological and man-made (technogenic) processes;
– study of groundwater regime and exogenous geological processes;
– production storage assessment of drinking, service, mineral ground waters;
– project development and drilling of production wells to get water.

Comprehensive information base of hydro-geological materials on the territories of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Poltava, Sumy, Kirovograd, Rivne, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsky and Vinnytsia regions.

Highly qualified stuff with years of experience – geologists who perform: production, research, prospect, exloration works.

Work performance beyond Ukraine. Accomplishment of international orders.

Individual approach to each Customer.

Modern programs and information processing systems.
– Statistical methods of hydrogeological information processing;
– electronic digital map compiling;
– methods of mathematical modeling of filter processes to estimate geological and economical resources of drinking, technical and mineral groundwaters.

Compliance and ensuring our customers with confidentiality of information and their rights.


Geological and economic revaluation of drinking groundwater operational storage of the water intake area at “Obolon” PJSC of Kiev drinking groundwater resources in Kyiv city.

Material preparation for obtaining a license for right of use of Kiev fresh groundwater storage. Hydrogeological substantiation of use conditions for “Kyivvodokanal”.

Geological and economic assessment based on the results of detailed exploration of natural-table waters in the borehole for “Orlan” CJSC in Zhovtneve district of Kyiv.

Geological and economic assessment of the Velike-dimer groundwater storage for the service drinking water supply of the plant of soft drinks “Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Ltd.”.

Geological and economic revaluation of operational/exploited/used drinking groundwater storage of Irpin storage for the Communal Enterprise (CE) “Irpinvodokanal”.

Water supply system scheme development in Kyiv at the expense of groundwaters until 2020.

Sources determination of pump-room water supply for the scheme of pump-room units in Kyiv until 2020.

Geological and economic assessment of the mineral table water storage “Obolonska” of the well of “Obolon” PJSC.

Engineering and geological conditions of the territory to determine the perspectives of open pit building LLC “Bilanivskyi” mining and processing integrated plant (Poltava region).

Geological and economic assessment of the operational drinking groundwater resources of Vyrlitskyi storage and the water intake area of Kyiv storage of the “Energia” plant of Kyivenergo, PJSC.


Regional hydrogeological works. Hydrogeological survey

• regional hydrogeological, engineering-geological, technogenic and ecological-geological study of territory conditions (mapping, hydrogeological stratification of sections);

• hydrogeological, engineering-geological, ecological-geological surveys and studies of territories at the scale of 1:50 000 - 1: 200 000 for different purposes.

Groundwater study, exploration and monitoring.

• study of the chemical, gas and isotope composition of groundwater, their physical and chemical properties, as well as the interrelation between ground and surface waters;

• study (long-term and short-term) conditions of the groundwater formation, its regime and balance to solve problems of the national economy connected with groundwater usage;

• record keeping of groundwater and its protection from exhaustion and pollution when groundwater is exploited ;

• State Water Register (SWR) maintenance: Subsection "Underground Water";

• conclusions on groundwater protection from exhaustion and pollution;

• conducting regime observations of the level, quality and water sampling of underground waters.

Ecological and hydrogeological research

• study of chemical and radionuclide groundwater and soil pollution and dynamics of their development;

• study of petrochemical pollution at the areas of exploration, extraction, storage and transportation of petroleum products, determination of their accumulation in the aeration zone and in groundwater;

• mapping of contiminated soil, groundwater, vegetation, bottom sediments by heavy metal and radionuclides;

• a comprehensive study of the ecological-hydrogeological condition of industrial, urban agglomerations and landfill site placement for solid domestic waste, an assessment of soil and groundwater pollution level;

• impact assessment of man-made objects on the geological and natural environment;

• result processing of geochemical and hydrogeological analyses of soils and groundwater.

Water exploratory work

• exploration of drinking,service, mineral and thermal groundwater, assessment of forecasted groundwater resources;

• assessment and revaluation of operational groundwater resources with their approval in the USCMR;

• additional exploration of groundwater storage;

• conducting experimental and filtration works and their processing;

• hydrogeological works on searches, exploration and additional exploration of groundwaters, performance of related agreements.

Water well designing

• drilling project making and approval, arrangement (technical provision) of produciton wells for drinking, mineral, thermal groundwater and wells of the regime network;

• obtaining permits for well drilling;

• project development of sanitary control zones;

• project development of technological schemes of groundwater storages.

Special permission for subsurface use (groundwater). Permission for special water use

• hydrogeological material preparation to obtain special permits for subsurface resources use – groundwater;

• document preparation and obtaining a permit for special water use;

• preparation and Plan approval of water withdrawal and loss of drinking groundwater ;

Engineering geological research

• study of engineering geological conditions and modern geological processes in order to evaluate sites for the placement of industrial, civil, and other construction;

• engineering geological search for project substantiation of object construction and reconstruction;

• systematic engineering geological studies of the exogenous geological process (EGP) development on potentially landslide areas, territories of modern ravine formation and modifications of reservoir shores, possible formation of slumps or karsts. Mantioned above allows to determine the causes of the dangerous EGP emergencies, to predict their activation, to prevent possible negative impact on national economic objects (units);

• study of waterlogging processes of territories;

• database maintaince of exogenous geological processes and waterlogging.

Consultancy services for water users

The best hydrogeologists of our company provide with recommendations regarding:

• water intake location of groundwater;

• drilling of production and observation wells to monitor the quality of day and ground waters.

• observation network equipment;

• location of man-made and national economic objects;

• Elimination of waterlogged and contaminated land areas.

We elaborate documents (passports) of artesian wells.

We make conclusions about the possibility of using groundwater.


Terms of hydrogeological work performance are agreed and confirmed with the Customer. The executors strictly adhere to the time frame.


Customer’s request (e-mail, e-mail, phone call, personally).

The customer receives the Commercial (business) offer with the calculation of the work cost and terms of execution.

Treaty conclusion, which defines the Terms of Reference (technical tasks), all the essential conditions, including the terms of payment.

Compliance with the treaty. Informing the Customer about the work progress and intermediate results.

The customer receives the results according to the treaty.


The cost of hydrogeological works is calculated according to the document of consolidated budget regulations (ZUCN), and depends on: • customer’s technical task, • geological conditions.