Experience. Our enterprise, the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company” (SE “UGC”) has many years of experience is geophysical work accomplishment.

A large choice of geophysical methods – more than 10 modifications of electrical exploration on direct and alternating current – depth probing method, induced polarization method (IP), near-field transient electromagnetic sounding method, natural current method and other.

Modern equipment and programs for processing and interpretation.

Highly qualified stuff. We have experts only with relevant education many years of experience and systematic qualification improvement.

Work performance beyond Ukraine. Accomplishment of international orders (Angola, Albania, Tanzania, Israel).

Compliance with all legislative requirements as well as requirements of Customers.We possess license for the right to carry out work using ionizing radiation sources.


Over the past 10 years, we have completed a variety of projects. Among them are the most interesting:

Performance of high-precision gravimetric survey for the international airport in order to certify it according to international requirements.

High precision gravimetric measurements to determine gravity field strength at control points of the Kiev Arsenal plant with an accuracy of ± 0.5 μGal.

Accomplishment of gravimetric surveys and electrical explorations to monitor and elaborate a plan to eliminate emergency situation in Kalush, on the territory of the Dombrowski open pit.

Determination of the absolute values of gravity field strength at the metrological control points of the gas-measuring stations of the SE “Ukrtransgas” with an accuracy of ± 0.5 μGal.


Gravitational, magnetic, electric exploration by the induced polarization method in search of iron, chromite, ilmenite-titanium ores, gold, etc.

Exploratory work on ore minerals: iron, chromite, ilmenite-titanium ore, gold, etc.

The range of geophysical works including gravitational prospecting, magnetic exploration, electric exploration is carried out by the overvoltage method.

Electric, magnetic, gravitational exploration in engineering and environmental studies

Solving engineering and environmental problems in monitoring karst phenomena, landslide processes studying (intensity and speed manifestation of landslide processes in river basins, mountainous areas microelectric correlation method), groundwater pollution.

Various modifications of electrical exploration methods involving gravitational prospecting, magnetic exploration are performed depending on the tasks.

Geophysical work accompaniment in search and exploration of non-metallic raw material deposits

Geophysical work granting (maintenance)of drilling work for the search and exploration of graphite, fluorite, phosphorite, raw materials for porcelain and earthenware, metal and building industries: kaolin, sand, feldspar raw materials, clay, granites, building stones, lime and dolomite, tuffs, basalts, marls, chalk, gypsum, clay loam.
Determination of open pit places for mining granites, gabroids, gypsum deposits, salt, etc.

We carry out field electric prospecting – depth probing.

Aeromagnetic survey

Geophysical range of works involve high-precision aeromagnetic survey with a satellite navigation system.

Aeromagnetic survey is used to search deposits of diamonds, ore minerals, as well as to solve structural tasks of petroleum geology.

Search and exploration of deposits black, lignite coal, pyroschist

Exploration of coal deposits.

Exploration of lignite coal deposits.

Exploration of pyroschist deposits .

Geophysical well research for hydrogeology

The works are carried out in various geological regions of Ukraine to deal with the following tasks:
• full-hole drilling maintenance of hydrogeological wells, determination of the lithological composition and stratigraphic structure of the section;
• detection of aquifers and corresponding aquifuges in the sections, the internal structure identification of aquifers;
• interval determination of filters installing, accuracy control of their installation in reference to aquifers, water discharge determination of individual intervals of the filter drill string;
• depths, intervals, water discharge aquifers defining in fractured reservoirs.
• construction casing string installing, detection tightness and hole presence in casing string, through which the contaminated water gets into the well, internal structure video making of the hydrogeological well;
• water efficiency increasing of new and existing wells, which have been operating for many years, air-hydraulic stimulation method;
• control of the possible connection between aquifers and surface, and man-made polluted waters;
• radiological control if there is a presence of water radioactive contamination.

Geophysics for groundwater prospecting

Prospecting of ground fissure waters in the crystalline bedrock to determine drilling location.

We carry out field electric prospecting – depth probing, supplemented by detailed magnetic and gravity exploration on separate profiles.

Logging works for regional geological research and geological surveys

Regional studies and geological surveys.

The works are carried out with the aim of lithologic foliation of crystalline rocks, lithologic and stratigraphic foliation of sedimentary rocks, element determination of rock occurrence, mineral deposit prospecting, searching (Fe, Ti, F, Be, sulfite, graphite, coal, etc.), video panoramas making of the inner surface of drilled wells.


Terms of geophysical work performance are agreed and confirmed with the Customer. The executors strictly adhere to the time frame.


Customer’s request (e-mail, e-mail, phone call, personally).

The customer receives the Commercial (business) offer with the calculation of the work cost and terms of execution.

Treaty conclusion, which defines the Terms of Reference (technical tasks), all the essential conditions, including the terms of payment.

Compliance with the treaty. Informing the Customer about the work progress and intermediate results.

The customer receives the results according to the treaty.


The comprehensive cost of the main types of work is estimated at:

2000 UAH

Gravitational exploration area of a scale 1:50 000 (500x250 m)

Per 1 km2

7000 UAH

Magnetic exploration area of a scale 1:10 000 (100х50 m)

Per 1 km2

400 ÷ 600 UAH

Aeromagnetic survey according to the type of used aircraft (helicopter, plane)

Per 1 rkm

3000 ÷ 5000 UAH

Electric prospecting by near-field transient electromagnetic sounding method

Per 1 point particle depending on the depth of the research

10000 ÷ 20000 UAH

Electric prospecting by median gradient induced polarization electrical profiling (by depth probing).

Per 1 rkm

300 ÷ 3000 UAH

Electric prospecting by depth probing method

Per 1 point particle depending on geological tasks