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Interesting scientific articles and publications of employees

State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company”


? Investment of substantiation for study and development of copper deposits within Volyn region by the example of “Zhyrychi” ore show. MelnychukV.G.

? Extraction and correlation of new stratons in the Mohyliv-Podilskyi series of the upper Vend of Volyn. MelnychukV.G.

? Copper bearing lava breccias in the Neoproterozoic traps o f Volhyn and the mechanism of their formation. MelnychukV.G.

? Mineralogical criteria of copper bearing vendian traps of Volyno-Podillya region. MelnychukV.G.

? Perspectives of lower-vendian trappean formation of the Volynian ore district and industrial concentration of virgin copper. PryhodkoV.L.

? Selection and correlation of the sergiivka suite in lower vend of theVolyn-Podillya. PolishchukA.M.

? Verkhnoprip’yatskiy traprock’s complex of low Vend and its cupriferous features. MelnychukV.G.


? The use of silicate rock analyzes for the search of indigenous diamond sources. KlosV.R.

? Features of geological structure and some forecasting criteria of the manevichi amber district (Volyn’). MamchurM.



? Geochemical Characteristics of Ukrainian Soil Using Landscape-Geochemical Regionalisation Based on the GEMAS Date. V.Klos

? Regional geochemical study of Ukrainian grounds within the bounds of the international project of geochemical mapping agricultural and grazing lands of Europe (GEMAS). KlosV.R.

? Soil geochemical influence contaminated with sewage waste silts on vegetation. KlosV.R.

? Biogeochemical indicators zones of ecological risk urban agglomerations. KlosV.R.

? Ecological and geochemical studies of the effect of sewage sludge fields on the environment of surrounding territories. KlosV.R.

? Ecological and geochemical assessment of soils of the Kiev region contaminated with sewage sludge. KlosV.R.

? Temporary methodical recommendations for the work performance on radiation and hygienic assessment of non-metallic raw materials in open pits. KlosV.R.

? Forecast geochemical map compiling at a scale of 1: 200 000 by an example of the East-Priazovskaya area of the Ukrainian shield. KlosV.R.

?  Probability of influence on protected ecosystems of Volyn of development of Hotyslavsk quarry of chalk. MelnychukV.G.

? Landscape geochemical basis of geochemical mapping of the Ukrainian shield at a scale of 1:500 000. YegorovaТ.М.


? Geophysical factor in the prospecting efficiency of geological exploration works on the Ukrainian shield in the past and present. EntinV.A.

? Geophysical aspects of the structure and genesis of the Illinets structure: impact or volcano? EntinV.A.

? Physical properties of trap formations of Volyn and the application of the phase-spectral method of induced polarization in the search of native copper. NurmuhamedovV.G.

? Development of the state gravimetric network of Ukraine as a priority component of programs regarding problems of mineral resources supply of the country. DvulitP.D.

? Development and implementation of spectrometric neutron-activation logging with a neutron generator of 14 MV during copper exploration. GrininR.I.


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? An evolutionary model of early Vend trappean magmatism in the south-western part of the East European platform. MelnychukV.G.

? The updated stratigraphic schemes upper and lower wendyof Ukraine. VelikanovV.Y.

? Extraction and correlation of new stratons in the Kanylivska series of the upper Vend of Volyn. MelnychukV.G.


? Danger assessment of the population health of the Bortnichi district (the city of Kyiv) due to violation of local water supply functioning and city treatment facilities, measures of its liquidation. NikitashO.P.