ДП “Українська геологічна компанія”

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Ukrainian Geological Gompany (UGC) – the leading enterprise of the geological field which deals with accomplishment of geological exploration works. “UGC” has a 100-year establishment history of Ukraine’s mineral raw materials base.

Our principal mission is to support Ukrainian resource independence. Developa mineral resources base for every Ukrainian manufacturer. We carry out geological and hydrogeological projects of any complexity at the highest professional level by the virtue of our values and principles.

1. Highly qualified staff (400 employees) with unique experience. The enterprise management creats favourable working and psychological conditions that make it possible to use the qualifications and experience of each employee.

2.Information base. For the last year 25 projects were compiled, 16 reports were defended. The archives and funds of “UGC” comprise geological information for 80 years of activity, in 20 regions of Ukraine.

3. Uniqueness. “UGC” is the only enterprise in Ukraine specializing in all solid minerals, as well as peat, sapropel and groundwater.
4. Proper equipment and technology. We guarantee good working condition and quality of our facilities as we systematically check and maintain them. “UGC” has a large amount of core means and facilities, so the company doesn’t need to rent or involve contractors. The whole range of works are carried out through company’s efforts (from drilling to laboratory works).
5. The long-term, well-established, effective and efficient management system at the European standard level:

– Performed by experienced professional experts,
– Continuous and systemetic improvement,
– Complies with the requirements and principles of international  quality, environment, measurement performance standards.

1. The customer (private or state) is always right. It is the Customer who motivates and induces us to professional discoveries, it is the main source of our welfare and development. The customer is the main source of our welfare and development.
2. Only high level of work quality. We strive to provide results that meet Customers requirements and exceed their expectations.
3. Partnership. We work with Customers and Suppliers on loyal and parity terms, adhere to the concluded agreements, market laws and legislation of Ukraine. Our moto is “Treat people the way you want to be treated”.

OBJECTIVES  FOR 2017-2018:

1. Increasing the work volume performed by third-party funds – by 20% per year, diversification of orders, implementation of an investment project – every year 1 investment project.

2. Formation of a balanced structure of enterprise assets through the implementation of non-core, uncommitted property, lease of unnecessary premises, hostel transference to communal property.

3. Technical and technological enterprise re-equipment:

– computer equipment and software updating,

– proper technical condition support of working equipment, including drilling fleet,

– Central Laboratory – equipment and repair of premises.

4. Improvement of the financial management system in the areas of planning, accounting, control.

5. Implementation of modern control systems and their certification, including introduction and certification of the Central Laboratory Management System for compliance with the requirements ISO 17025 – and in the first quarter of 2018 year.

6. Qualification improvement of specialists, experts and emploees, including the use of modern computer technologies in the processing, interpretation, presentation of geological information. Participation in training, educational events – 10 employees per year. Participation in exhibitions. Directions: enterprise specialization, compliance with legal requirements (taxes, purchases, labor protection).

7. Active implementation of marketing efforts and steps:

– New format web site launching of the enterprise aimed at consumer and customer requests;

– Web site optimization and promotion;

– Systematic market analysis (competitors, prices, market needs);

– Advertising and informing in order to implement investment projects;

– Interactive informing to realize unused assets (with approval of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine);

– Participation in exhibitions, conferences in Ukraine as well as abroad.