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Interesting projects

     Participation in project works on building the largest iron ore extraction opencast mine in Europe (2014-2015). Most departments of the state enterprise “UGC” were involved in work accomplishment. The following range of works was accomplished:
engineering and geological, hydrogeological research monitoring, technological testing of large iron ore volume, boreholedrilling for various purposes, geophysical studies in boreholes, laboratory works. According to the work  results, a report was made.

The technical supervision of work was carried out by company experts fromSRK consulting (UK) ltd – the main designer and the world leader in this area of work.

  Thermal water boreholl drilling in the Transcarpathian Region (2013-2014). The borehole depth is 812m with final diameter 191mm. The work was performed by machine T4 W. During the test pumping, the result of a flow debit was 36 m3 / h. and a water temperature was 46 – 48 C. During the process of borehole drilling, a full range of geophysical studies were performed to determine the water inflow intervals and water temperature. Based on this borehole the customer plans to establish a recreation center.

     Participation in the international project on geochemical mapping of agricultural and grazing land soils in Europe (GEMAS). Agricultural and grazing land soil mapping in Europe and Ukraine is performed on a scale of 1: 5 000 000. Analytical studies of soil samplings were carried out in the Central Laboratory of the State Enterprise “UGC”. They were monitored by the leading laboratories in Canada and Europe. The work results were considered and approved at the meeting of the FAO Section on Soils to the United Nations in Rome.

According to the work results (2014) the geochemical atlas of agriculture and grazing land soils of Europe was published. Duplicates of geochemical soil samples are stored in the litho-archive of Ukrainian Geological Company.

    Additional exploration of the ceramic raw material deposits in Khmelnytskyi region (2014).

Responsible department for the exploration is the Center for Regional Geological Studies of the State Enterprise “UGC”. Drilling, hydrogeological, laboratory, geophysical departments of the State Enterprise “UGC” were involved in work performance. The full range of works were carried out for the customer.

The outcome of an accomplished work:

– raw material reserves in crystalline rocks for ceramic production were calculated according to the supplementary exploration data and geological material of previous years;
– revaluation of basic raw material reserves;
– report defence at State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources;
– adjustment of deposit boundaries and making corresponding changes to the state permission.

Ecological and geological researches of the Dombrowskyi opencast mine. The range of ecological and geological researches of the Dombrowskyi opencast mine were accomplished to prevent enviromental disaster. They included:

  • drilling of hydrogeological observation borehole networks
  • ground geophysical studies to determine exogenous processes;
  • water and soil geochemical studies, determination of the toxic chemical content (hexachlorobenzene, etc.);
  • topogeodesic studies.

After the accomplished work the report was made and, as a consequence, environmental disaster was prevented.

  Prospect estamation of copper – polymetallic deposits in one of the fields in Albania by geophysical methods (2016).

Responsible work executor is Center for Geophysical Research of the SE “UGC”.