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A brief report on the participation of representatives of the State Enterprise “UGK” at the first seminar-meeting of the executors of the international project “SIMONA”

On September 18-19, 2018, the first workshop on the international project SIMONA (Sediment-quality Information, Monitoring and Evaluation System to support transnational cooperation for joint DanubeBasin water management) was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The information on the quality of bottom sediments, monitoring and Assessment of the system for supporting transnational cooperation for joint management of water resources of the Danube Basin), attended by representatives of 17 institutions, institutes and enterprises from 10 European countries located within the Danube basin (Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ho Rwatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova).

The SIMONA project is funded by the EU.

Representatives of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company”, consisting of the financial director – Nabieva Sh.Sh., took part in the workshop from Ukraine. and Director of the Ukrainian Scientific and Production Center for Geochemical Research – Clos V.R.

State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company” is an official partner of SIMONA project.

During the workshop, a number of presentations were presented that highlighted the purpose of the project (monitoring of the state of the Danube river basin) and the program for its implementation, the preliminary research methodology, the timing of the stages of work, financial reporting for the work performed and the peculiarities of external financial control by the EU.

During the seminar, Mr. Shafagat Nabiyev and Volodymyr Klos held a number of meetings and negotiations with the responsible executives of the SIMONA project: Mr. Zhasminka Aliidzhadch and Mr. Josio Jordan (lead project executives), Mr. Tina Strazhar (Project Manager), Mr. Barbara Simich (Financial Project Manager) and Mr. Tanya Morko (Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Slovenia). During the meetings, the role of DP UGC in the project, financial reporting and other issues was discussed and clarified.

Business relations with the representatives of Moldova (Igor Nigora, Oleg Bogdevich – Institute of Geology and Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova), Irena Pytycheva, Zlata Milakovska (Bulgaria) for the exchange of necessary information and coordination of positions in the preparation of methodological and financial documents on the implementation of the program SIMONA (Sediment-quality Information, Monitoring and Evaluation System to support transnational cooperation for joint DanubeBasin water management – Bottlenose quality information, monitoring and evaluation of the system to support transnational cooperation for joint management innya water resources in the Danube basin).

Members of the Ukrainian delegation got acquainted with the work on the sampling of water from wells and the process of hydrogeological monitoring by workers of the Geological Survey of Slovenia, using the latest technologies.


responsible executor (Slovenia) of the project
SIMONA: Mr. Jasminka Alijdzadzicz
Shafagat Nabiev and Tanya Morko (Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Slovenia)
Conference Hall – Klos V. R. Sampling water from the well (hydrogeological monitoring of the Geoscience of Slovenia.)


The members of the Ukrainian delegation are grateful to the Slovenian Geological Survey for the high level of organization of the event and wish the success of all participants in the SIMONA program.