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“Minerals of the Future” – Presentation of the investment potential of Ukraine

The Head of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine Roman Opimakh and the Executive Director of the Government Office of UkraineInvest Serhiy Tsivkach presented new investment proposals – objects with deposits of strategic and critical mineral resources.

During the press conference, Roman Opimakh stressed that the mineral resource base of Ukraine is able to almost completely meet the needs of national industry, as well as contribute to the development of its export potential. “Fuel and energy and agrochemical raw materials and processed products, non-ferrous metals and coking coal are traditionally imported in significant quantities amounting to more than 13 billion dollars. (2019), which puts them in the category of critical minerals for Ukraine. “Unfortunately, the ‘metals of the future’ used for innovative technologies are hardly developed in Ukraine, while the demand for them around the world is growing rapidly,” said Romang Opimach.

Happy New Year 2021

We sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

May the new year bring prosperity and well-being to your families, peace and comfort to your home, prosperity and joy to your families. We wish you good health, happiness, inspiration at work and success in all good endeavors, hope for a better future, stability and confidence in the future !!!
With respect and best wishes to SE “Ukrainian Geological Company”


On September 1, 2020, the Ukrainian Geological Company started work on the international hydrogeological project EU-WATERRES “Integrated EU management system for transboundary groundwater resources and anthropogenic hazards” ( EU – integrated management system of cross – border groundwater resources and anthropogenic hazards »)

The overall objective of the EU-WATERRES project is to promote coordinated management and integrated protection of transboundary groundwater by creating a geographic information platform. The EU-WATERRES platform will be an integrated GIS modeling environment for creating digital hydrogeological maps and modeling the quantity and quality of transboundary groundwater. The project will create 2 cross-border clusters representing two regions: the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

Completion of works on the project is planned for December 31, 2023.

Leading partner – Polish Geological Institute  National Research Institute.

The project is funded by the EEA and the Norwegian Grant Fund for Regional Cooperation.

The planned result of the project is:

  • the concept of unification of hydrogeological databases;
  • assessment of transboundary groundwater flows;
  • coordinated monitoring of the transboundary groundwater program;
  • mutual learning to catalyze the development of tools for exploration, mapping, balancing and groundwater management;
  • geoinformation platform;
  • recommendations for stakeholders on the coordinated use and integrated protection of transboundary groundwater.

The project No.2018-1-0137 “EU-WATERRES: EU-integrated management system of cross-border groundwater resources and anthropogenic hazards” benefits from a € 2.447.761 grant Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. The aim of the project is to promote coordinated management and integrated protection of transboundary groundwater by creating a geoinformation platform.

Happy Easter

State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company”
Sincerely congratulates you on Easter.

And although we have all become hostages to a worldwide situation, we want to remain calm and optimistic. On this beautiful, bright day, we wish everyone a good mood, bright thoughts and beautiful dreams for the future. May peace and harmony reign in your families. Good health to all of you and your loved ones.

Happy New Year 2020

Dear friends! Please accept my sincerest congratulations on New Year and Christmas! We wish these traditionally bright holidays to be met in a joyful, friendly and warm atmosphere. May welfare and harmony reign in your homes. Thank you for your fruitful cooperation and hope to continue it next year. Success, new achievements and realization of the most cherished desires!

With the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

We sincerely congratulate you on the outstanding state holiday – the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine. The adoption of the Basic Law marked the fundamental consolidation of our independence, forever immortalized the will of the Ukrainian people to live in their own sovereign, cathedral state. The Constitution emphasizes the absolute value of man, his life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security. The Basic Law is a decisive factor in ensuring the state sovereignty of Ukraine, consolidation of society, creation of proper conditions for self-realization of the individual.

Happy Holidays, dear friends! With the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Happy Easter

On the occasion of the great holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, accept our best wishes and wishes of God’s blessing, health and well-being! We sincerely wish that the victorious spirit of hope, joy, forgiveness continue to accompany you and your family, giving strength, energy, inspiration for good and useful affairs for the welfare and prosperity of our native Ukraine. Let the joyful Easter days lay the fertile ground of new victories and accomplishments in your life path. Christ is Risen!

SIMONA is the second stage

During November 2018 – April 2019, the second phase of the international project SIMONA (Establishment of a system of monitoring of hazardous substances in sediment and bottom sediments of the Danube basin) was carried out. This work is of an interstate nature and is coordinated and funded through the mechanisms of the European Union.
If the first stage was more organizational and conciliatory, then at the second stage the performers went to a specific job. The Responsible Enterprise for the implementation of the second stage of work (Geological Institute, Romania) has developed a questionnaire covering various aspects of the existing water quality control system in the Danube and its tributaries in the participating countries. Our company has gathered information about the existing methods of water and bottom sediment control in Ukraine; processed information from sites of hydro-monitoring of levels and quality of water in the river Tisza and its tributaries.
After summarizing all of these materials, work on the analysis of this information was distributed among the participants of the work. The overall objective is to harmonize the observation system, sampling and measurement methods so as to obtain a comparable monitoring system throughout the entire Danube basin. The geological service of Croatia was responsible for systematizing the materials of this phase.
Our company has prepared an overview of existing monitoring systems in the participating countries. Strengths of monitoring observations were identified in countries such as Slovakia and Austria. Also, there are some discrepancies between methods of water quality control in different countries.
The results of the second stage of the work were summed up at a workshop in Vienna, which took place on 10-11.04.2019. Due to objective reasons independent of our enterprise, our experts could not be present at this meeting. Nevertheless, the materials submitted by the UA-UGC were considered and taken into account in the outcome documents of the meeting.
One of the results of the conference was the formation of expert groups in different directions. Our specialists entered the sampling group (V.Klos), in the group on laboratory methods (M.Pryhodko), in the group of evaluation of the results of observations (G. Akinfiyev), in the group from the Upper Tysi (V.Klos, G. Kolos).
Add some photos from the workshop courtesy of Ms. Barbara Simitz.

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Geologists Day

“Ukrainian Geological Company” congratulates the employees of geology, geodesy and cartography of Ukraine on their professional holiday – Geologist Day!

Geology is not just a science, but a geologist is not just a profession! This is a great opportunity to penetrate the mysteries of nature, to touch the still unknown and make your discovery. The geologist’s profession has long been shrouded in romance, and therefore many still do not know that this is also a lot of physical work, tens of days of life sometimes in harsh natural conditions, separation from relatives. And, with all that, the profession of a geologist has always remained one of the most interesting and prestigious.

We wish you success and advancement in all matters, successful and easy trips, new discoveries, unforgettable impressions. Let your work and efforts be rewarded with dignity. Happiness, well-being, health.

Happy New Year 2019 and Merry Christmas!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the New Year 2019 and Merry Christmas! May these holidays – messengers of renewal, dreams and hopes – bring you and your family good, peace and prosperity. I wish that in the new year you have done everything that you have dreamed of for so long. I believe that in the new year you will feel the care from colleagues, the warmth of friends and relatives. I wish you happiness, good health, the fulfillment of the most cherished desires. Happy New Year!