ДП “Українська геологічна компанія”

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“Ukrainian Geological Company” congratulates the employees of geology, geodesy and cartography of Ukraine on their professional holiday – Geologist Day!

Geology is not just a science, but a geologist is not just a profession! This is a great opportunity to penetrate the mysteries of nature, to touch the still unknown and make your discovery. The geologist’s profession has long been shrouded in romance, and therefore many still do not know that this is also a lot of physical work, tens of days of life sometimes in harsh natural conditions, separation from relatives. And, with all that, the profession of a geologist has always remained one of the most interesting and prestigious.

We wish you success and advancement in all matters, successful and easy trips, new discoveries, unforgettable impressions. Let your work and efforts be rewarded with dignity. Happiness, well-being, health.