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The Head of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine Roman Opimakh and the Executive Director of the Government Office of UkraineInvest Serhiy Tsivkach presented new investment proposals – objects with deposits of strategic and critical mineral resources.

During the press conference, Roman Opimakh stressed that the mineral resource base of Ukraine is able to almost completely meet the needs of national industry, as well as contribute to the development of its export potential. “Fuel and energy and agrochemical raw materials and processed products, non-ferrous metals and coking coal are traditionally imported in significant quantities amounting to more than 13 billion dollars. (2019), which puts them in the category of critical minerals for Ukraine. “Unfortunately, the ‘metals of the future’ used for innovative technologies are hardly developed in Ukraine, while the demand for them around the world is growing rapidly,” said Romang Opimach.